Tunisian marinas

Tunisian marinas

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There are around 6 marinas in Tunisia:

Marina of Tabarka

Marina of Tabarka is located in the Governorate of Jendouba, Tunes. This small marina has 100 berths for boats up to 25 meters long and 3.5 mts draft. This port offers basic services such as water and electricity at their moorings and pontoons plus security in the port area.   It also has the necessary infrastructure to meet the technical needs of the boats who moor there as it has available a 250 tons travel lift, technical services, hull wash service and dry dock, among others.

Marina of Bizerte

With the sea on our doorstep and the magnificient old town on its left, Marina Bizerte combines an outstanding destination with a world-class marina and services. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, French Heritage site and northern point of Africa, the marina features more than 800 secure berths ranging from 10 to 150 metres.

Complemented by spacious waterside residences, restaurants, lively bars and a wide range of sports, leisure and cultural activities, Marina Bizerte was created with all aspect of the yacht owner, crew and guests’ experience in heart. Yacht-friendly legislation offers some of the best benefits in the Mediterranean, while 24/7 Yacht Assist help with everything from providing your favourite wine to solving technical problems.

Marina Bizerte is an official Port of Entry, with an onsite customs and immigration office located inside the marina. Other advantages include duty-free fuel, reduced VAT on marine services and easy access via an international airport.

Marina of Sidi Bou Saïd

Sidi Bou Saïd marina, at Cape Carthage is the marina closest to the city of Tunis and where all the affluent Tunisians keep their yachts (mostly large motor-cruisers). As a result it is vary crowded marina. It is highly advisable to make advance reservations.

The marina is a very convenient place to leave a boat with good proximity to Tunis but, first you must go to the TGM (local train for Tunis) station which was is 365 steps up the hill.

Marina El Kantaoui

A Port El Kantaoui is located in Sousse. Port El Kantaoui, a Port of International class. Tunisia is in the heart of the Mediterranean, in the heart of Port El Kantaoui Tunisia: A Port in a Garden. You are about two hours of flight from the main European capitals, but it’s the scenery, this is Africa, it is Carthage is Arab-Muslim culture.

Port El Kantaoui is the first port of the Mediterranean garden. It is a:

  • 30 minutes from the International Airport of Monastir
  • 15 minutes from the International Airport Enfidha
  • 10 minutes from the city center of Sousse and the Medina

Marina of Cap Monastir

Marina Cap Monastir is located at the southern end of Gulf of Hammamet, in Monastir city, Tunisia. Just 10 minutes walk from the city center, we found this medium size port with mooring service capacity for 400 boats and yachts of 45 meters in length and a maximum draft of 5.5mts. This marina offers basic services like water and electricity at their moorings, plus all the amenities provided by the proximity to the city. It also has services such as gas station, nautical shop and workshop for maintenance and repair of vessels.

Marina of Yasmine Hammamet

An area of 20 hectares was created and designed for 704 crafts, which can more either to the quay or to fixed or floating pontoons, as follows :
  • Water depth: from –6.00 to –2.30 meters
  • Entrance pass: 50 meters wide.
All berths are equipped with water and electricity; electric output varies according to the size of the berth: from 16 to 600 AMP single or three phases. Berths ranging from 12 m by 4.5 m and larger are provided with telephone lines through a fully automatic switch; they also have access to satellite television via the satellite dishes, broadcasting several international TV channels.

Port Yasmine Hammamet provides all formalities of entry and exit from the territory. The customs services of the National Guard, the Border Police and Merchant Marine are grouped with the Harbour. Except for emergency situations, all yachts arriving by sea from abroad must dock a port harboring a customs and immigration office, in order to go through usual procedures.

While entering a Tunisian port, all foreign ships should display in evidence their own nationality flag as well as the Tunisian flag. At entrance, the ship’s owner or user must present himself at the authorities office to make his formal declaration of entry. Once entrance procedures are completed, the customs office delivers to the boat a free navigation license, showing the period of validity. The license gives authorization to the boat to navigate on Tunisian territorial waters, and exempts it from any other customs formalities until the next exit for a foreign destination.

In case of immobilization of the boat in the seaport, duly recorded by the customs services, the period of immobilization (as for winter parking) is deducted from the navigation period. The unrestricted circulation license is valid for a period of 6 months per annum, and may be renewed at the holder’s request.

When leaving to sail abroad, the boat’s user must hand back to the borders police office of the departure port his exit declaration as well as the unrestricted circulation license that was delivered to him at his arrival.

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