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Yacht sale and purchase

We are well respected in the industry for our advice on yacht sale and purchase. We have the expert knowledge to provide you with a full support service in yacht sale and purchase in Tunisia.

What is the process in yacht sale and purchase ?

There will be an agreement – a contract – between seller and buyer to sell a particular yacht. With different types of yachts being bought and sold every year, different contract forms have developed. The Mediterranean Yacht Brokers’ Association (MYBA) form is the customary starting point. Other forms exist, produced by associations such as the British Marine Federation.

The MYBA form is seller-friendly. So if you are a buyer you will need advice before you negotiate the deal on how you might alter or add to the form to meet your needs. Do you really want to be committed to a purchase before undertaking a survey and risk losing your deposit?

Your purchase negotiations will depend on your background knowledge – the condition of the yacht, the general market price, and anything else you can find out. When you look at a yacht sale and purchase contract, you will be surprised by how short it is. The yacht industry depends on the professionalism of the brokers and the buyers’ and sellers’ lawyers. Purchasing the yacht is only the first step. There are other decisions that you need to make – where to keep the yacht, which flag she will fly, and how and where she will be insured.

We are here to guide you through the whole process of yacht sale and purchase – from the initial negotiations to delivery.

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