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Yachts and super yachts

Super yachts are luxury yachts called also large yachts and mega yachts are very expensive, privately owned, professionally crewed sailing or motor yacht. Our law firm is commercially focused on legal advice for the yachts and super yachts sector in Tunisia.

So you want to buy a yacht or maybe you have found one to buy. We are here to share your passion for them and to guide you, using our knowledge and expertise, through the acquisition. We have the expert knowledge to provide you with a full support service in yachts and super yachts sector in Tunisia.

We provide legal services to the super yacht industry. The firm acts primarily on behalf of yachts and super yachts owners and asset financing banks, but also advises brokers, project managers, designers and other professionals involved in the construction, ownership, financing and operation of super yachts.

We can help you through the process of buying or selling a yacht, whether new or second-hand, including the negotiation and drafting of any sale and purchase contract. It is key that you have someone who understand your goals, to help you manage the process. Yachts and super yachts are valuable assets which are subject to changing laws and regulations. You will need to decide, for example, which flag they should fly and whether you need to consider the rules applicable to yachts engaged in trade. How you structure your ownership will depend on your circumstances. We can guide you when making these decisions.

Yachts and super yachts don’t run themselves. You will need to employ crew to navigate them. Depending on the size of the yacht and its operation, you may require a dedicated shore side manager. We can help you prepare seafarer employment agreements and management contracts.

As with all valuable assets, you will need to consider what insurance you need. Some policies will cover minimum liabilities. Others will cover the full value of your yacht and third party exposure. Your insurance policies come into particular focus when, like your home, you need to update or refit your yacht. Who should bear the risk?

Being aware of your responsibilities will help you avoid nasty surprises if you need to make a claim. Insurance law is complex. You will need to know about the risks that the insurers agree to bear and those they do not.

What if something goes wrong? If your yacht is involved in an accident, we have a trusted team to help you handle an emergency situation. We understand how stressful such incidents can be, and we can guide you through. We can provide you with advice and assistance at all stages of a dispute – from the outset through to its resolution.

Our yachts and super yachts practice draws together a team of national experts & International Network of specialist maritime lawyers who have in-depth technical and commercial knowledge of this specialist sector. We are positioned to serve all operators of the yachts and super yachts sector including builders, designers, owners, banks and financial institutions, charterers, brokers and insurers.

We have adapted our commercial shipping expertise to the particular demands of this market and yacht practice, where the ultimate customers are high net worth individuals whose acquisition of a yacht is usually quite separate to any business activities they may undertake and where issues of confidentiality are often of paramount importance.

What we do in yachts & super yachts :

  • New build construction and refit contracts.
  • Sale and purchase contracts.
  • Construction and acquisition financing, re-financing and deferred consideration in sale and purchase.
  • TN and offshore ownership structuring and yacht registration.
  • Insurance: collision, salvage, marina liabilities, recoveries, policy disputes and drafting.
  • Commercial agreements (terms of business for designers and managers, etc).
  • Regulatory matters.
  • Manning, employment issues and crew contracts.
  • Agency and distribution agreements.
  • Charter and commercial disputes.

We can also help you with:

  • Yacht finance
  • Yacht sale and purchase
  • Yacht legal services
  • Ship sale and purchase disputes
  • Marine disputes