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Regulatory Compliance

The firm’s maritime regulatory practice includes all aspects of regulatory compliance in the Tunisian marine sector from water management, coast wise trade, import/export issues, and environmental, safety, and maritime security matters.

Throughout the world, ship owners and operators, shippers, builders, waterfront facilities, and their counsels may trust us to guide them safely through the hazards of the Tunisian maritime regulation. We are positioned to assist you in achieving your business goals while helping to protect you from liability exposure.

We can advise you on the requirements, audit your operations, and develop compliance program that help protect you in the event of environmental or security incidents, or violations of regulations. Our regulatory compliance firm’s services related to all types of vessels from tankers, cargo ships, and bulk carriers to tugs/barges, cruise ships, and smaller passengers vessels and yachts. These services involve maritime casualty and environmental response; compliance counselling ; defense of administrative enforcement actions, such as detentions and notices of violation; providing advice on outer continental shelf activities and citizenship; ship scrapping; and issues associated with ship registration, inspection, and manning.

We also advice and guide you through the complexities of complying with Tunisian statutes and international conventions through our regulatory compliance practice.

Marine PI and regulatory compliance

We are also specialising in personal injury and regulatory work in the shipping, transport, port and offshore industries. We deal with passenger and crew issues on passenger, cruise and other ships, from the minor incident to the major casualty, and we act in multi-action litigation. We deal with every aspect of an accident, starting with on-site investigation and assistance to handling all resulting proceedings.

We act primarily for defendant owners, employers and operators in all of the many types of claim arising from accidents or industrial diseases and illnesses on board ships and offshore installations, as well as in shipyards, ports, factories and other places of work. Our regulatory compliance services are intended also to port and terminal operators:

  • International Shipping lines.
  • Port authorities.
  • Harbour and coastal towage companies.
  • Transport and logistics companies.
  • Supply chain managers.
  • Infrastructure support development specialists.
  • Civil and maintenance work providers.
  • Contractors.
  • Consultants.
  • Commodities trading companies.
  • Banks and financial institutions.
  • Insurance providers.

We are also positioned to serve all leading Shipping operators such as :

  • Ship owners.
  • Cruise and ferry operators.
  • Charterers.
  • Shipyards.
  • P&I clubs.
  • Port and terminal operators.
  • Underwriters and traders.
  • Salvors.
  • Cargo, logistics and warehousing industries.

The firm assists also other leading operators such as :

  • Shippers.
  • Traders.
  • Commodities end-users.
  • Trade associations such as GAFTA and the RSA.
  • Specialist yacht finance houses and banks.
  • Owners and brokers.

We can also help you with :

  • Shipping Contracts
  • Bills of lading
  • Charter parties
  • Shipping containers
  • Marine debt collection
  • Vessel Arrest