Tunisian shipping law firm

Shipping law

We have considerable experience of, and a strong reputation for wet shipping law, dry shipping law and technical advice. The firm deals with the Tunisian shipping law, contentious and non-contentious legal areas.

Shipping law is branch of commercial law. It consists on complex legislation, international treaties, and court decisions dealing with the rights and responsibilities of ownership and operation of vessels that travel on the seas. There are currently close to 60,000 ships moving all types of cargo around the world. Every day, these thousands of ships travel many hundreds of miles and visit countless ports along the way. Without them, many of the world’s industries would, quite simply, come to a stop. For each vessel moving cargo there is a web of specialist contracts and documents relating to the voyage. This adds up to the potential for all kinds of disputes in many different countries.

Whatever your role is in this sector – whether you are a ship owner, charterer, P&I Club, hull insurer, cargo owner, shipbuilder or bank – you will need advice from a lawyer who understands the problems of the industry. We understand how it works – and the unique challenges that you face by operating in it. Our firm is as passionate about it as you are. We can give you straightforward advice that makes business sense for you. This is why we are working hard to be as one of the Tunisian leading shipping law firms. We can help you with dispute resolution, charter parties, shipbuilding, shipping incidents and casualties. All accidents at sea – and all arguments on shore.

The size of modern ships and busy trading routes, combined with enormous cargoes and the unpredictability of the ocean, means that maritime accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. When things go wrong at sea, the consequences can be huge in terms of human safety and reputation risk, as well as being stressful and expensive.

Our aim is to provide you with commercial and practical legal advice. Fast, clear, decisive advice which answers your questions and solves your problems.

We can help you with :

Wet shipping

  •     Casualty investigation;
  •     Personal injury/fatal accident claims (including industrial diseases, Norovirus etc);
  •     Collision, towage and salvage cases;
  •     Wreck removal;
  •     Heavy weather damage claims;
  •     Public & official enquiries and investigations;
  •     Training, audit and advisory services for health & safety and statutory compliance;
  •     Ship arrest and marine debt collection

Dry shipping

  •     Carriage of goods by sea including charterparty and bills of lading disputes;
  •     Cargo claims and insurance recoveries;
  •     International trade and transportation;
  •     Terminal Operations;
  •     Port Agents.


  •     Ship repair and build disputes;
  •     Mechanical/machinery damage claims;
  •     Bunker disputes and drafting sales terms for bunkers;
  •     General average claims.

We can also help you with :

  • Commercial Shipping
  • Shipping Contracts
  • Charter parties
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Marine debt collection
  • Vessel Arrest