Ship sale and purchase disputes

Ship sale and purchase disputes

Excellent service and legal advice on ship sale and purchase disputes and litigation.

The sale and purchase of ship is one of the important aspects of the shipping industry. It involves vast amounts of money (in excess of 100 million US Dollars) and requires different kinds of professional knowledge, such as knowledge of particular type of ship and its function, legal knowledge as well as dealing and bargaining knowledge. In order to reduce the number of ship sale and purchase disputes and smoothen the sale and purchase procedure, normally the shipowner (seller) and the buyer will appoint brokers as middlemen to handle the transaction. There are three main stages for the sale and purchase of a ship, which include first the negotiation and contract stage, second the inspections stage and finally the completion. From different stages, it includes different important issues and regulations.

You have agreed to buy or sell a ship. You are approaching the delivery time. As the buyer you suspect that the ship isn’t in the condition you were expecting. Or you are a seller and are wondering whether you can retain the full deposit if the buyer pulls out.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we can help you. We have a deep understanding of how to identify the real issues – and how to resolve them quickly and commercially. Your dispute may relate to the condition of the ship, the failure to pay the deposit, a fatal delay or the road for delivery, or an outright refusal to take delivery. We will be able to help. Your contract will probably be based on one of the widely used standard form contracts. We have in-depth knowledge in advising on all forms of contract.

Our advice does not just focus on the legal elements. We will also give you the commercial and practical guidance that you need. If a ship sale and purchase disputes arise, we can help you to find a quick and efficient business solution. If it is not possible to solve the problem, we are experienced litigators in ship sale and purchase disputes and will guide you and represent you through court or arbitration proceedings.

We can also help you if issues arise relating to financing or if you need documents drafted in order to finalise the sale.

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