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Ship arrest

As the economic turmoil continues, it appears that ship arrest is once again a remedy of which creditors to the marine industry should be aware. We have one of the leading ship arrest practices in Tunisia.

Ship arrest is an excellent way to obtain security for a claim and potentially prepare for a judicial sale of the vessel, should that become necessary. Arrest may be a suitable remedy for a variety of creditors, such as owners that need to repossess the vessel under the charterparty, bunker suppliers that have not been paid, a bank that has terminated the loan facility and wishes to draw on its mortgage or crew members that have outstanding wages. Ship arrest is a relatively easy, inexpensive and quick solution in Tunisia.

Many different and complicated legal questions may arise when arresting or attempting to arrest a ship in Tunisia. Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask for the main ship arrest requirements under Tunisian law.

In practice, a ship arrest is not just a measure to secure the presence of the vessel at a later stage, where a judgement against the owner or the vessel is to be enforced through a forced sale of the vessel. A ship arrest can be the fastest, cheapest and most effective measure in obtaining voluntary payment of an outstanding claim against the vessel or the owner (as the case may be), provided that the measure of arrest – in a legal and commercial sense – is used correctly.

Our law firm is specialised in not only executing a ship arrest, but also in providing the best commercial and legal strategy prior to and in connection with the arrest; whether that would be to abstain from arresting the vessel in the next port of call, to arrest aggressively in any port of call or to abstain from arresting the vessel and instead arrest bunkers and other stores on board the vessel.

If you are interested in a quick and inexpensive ship arrest in Tunisia, please do not contact us.

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