Hull and P and I insurance lawyers in Tunisia

Hull and P&I insurance

We are specialist in commercial marine insurance and hull and P&I insurance.

Marine insurance law is a highly complex area in which there is no substitute for market knowledge, technical excellence and sector expertise. The right expertise will help ensure the quick and favourable resolution to a dispute. 

Ships are large and expensive assets. They need specialist insurance to cover the risks they face. Hull and machinery insurance covers loss of and damage to the ship. Protection and indemnity insurance (P&I insurance) provides cover for the broader, uncertain risks faced by ship-owners, including a host of third party liabilities.

We are legal specialists in commercial marine insurance and both hull and P&I insurance. We offer legal marine services to ship-owners in all over the world and their marine insurers. We can assist you on issues ranging from the drafting of terms of insurance cover and rules, to advising you on what the policy means, coverage issues and the collection of unpaid premiums and calls.

We advise and assist in all areas of marine insurance including hull and p&i insurance, FD&D, charterers’ liability, trade disruption, loss of hire, war, political and terrorism risks, port and terminal liability and property.

Our clients include insurance companies and syndicates, brokers, shipowners, ship operators and charterers. Our knowledge of the insurance industry as a whole means that we can provide our clients with practical and commercial solutions to their legal insurance related issues.

As well as providing advice in relation to dispute resolution we are frequently called upon to draft bespoke clauses and policy wordings.

We can also help you with:

  • Yacht insurance
  • Marine insurance litigation
  • Shipping Contracts
  • Vessel Arrest
  • Marine disputes