Cargo recovery services

Strategic legal advice and excellent cargo recovery services to marine domestic and international companies in Tunisia.

Is the cargo that you have agreed to carry on your vessel damaged, contaminated or off-spec ? Is the cargo dangerous ? Has your vessel been damaged because of a problem ? Or delayed? You need cargo recovery services ?

Whether you are a carrier, P&I Club, trader or cargo insurer, when something doesn’t go according to plan with the carriage of cargo we can help you to find a solution. We have gained an in-depth understanding of all types of cargo. We are specialist in cargo recovery services. We have come across almost every conceivable misfortune that can happen to cargo, ranging from war to water damage, pilferage to pollution. We can provide you with the practical advice that you need when you face a cargo problem.

One of our firm’s key services is the provision of prompt and professional assistance in pursuing recovery from the party responsible for damage or loss to a cargo property, which led to a claim, as well as efficient marine debts recovery.

The firm’s cargo recovery services are tailor-made for the requirements of each client; ensuring the right result and effective collaboration between all parties involved in the dispute.

Our work covers the full range of cargo recovery services. We advise clients in:

  •     Writing subrogation releases and assignments of rights;
  •     The analysis of the terms and conditions of cargo insurance policies;
  •     The gathering of evidence (private investigations);
  •     The pre-litigation analysis of the merits of a claim;
  •     The initiation and conduct of court investigations proceedings;
  •     The conduct of amicable and pre-litigation negotiations;
  •     Obtaining adequate security following arrest or attachment;
  •     Handling court proceedings before the competent jurisdictions;
  •     The enforcement of court decisions or Arbitration awards.

As specialist in cargo recovery services, we have the technical expertise that is vital in helping you. The very nature of moving cargo around the world means that disputes are often multi-jurisdictional. Through our international maritime lawyers’ network, we can act quickly to provide you with assistance wherever this is needed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If your business involves the carriage and insurance of cargo, efficient, cost-effective dispute resolution is vital. Our aim is to get the best commercial outcome for you at the earliest possible moment. This will help you to keep any disruption to your business to a minimum.

We can also help you with:

  • Commercial Shipping
  • Shipping Contracts
  • Marine debt collection
  • Marine disputes
  • Marine insurance litigation
  • Ship sale and purchase disputes