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Marine debt collection

As the industry gears up to the uncertainty of a highly volatile market, effective debt collection is critical to the success of any business.  As a result of a demand from several clients, we have developed a marine debt collection service which is specifically focused on the marine industry.

What sets apart our marine debt recovery service from that of other law firms and debt recovery agencies is that our service is tailor made for recovering marine debts. Our marine debt collection service is based on a transparent costs structure with a heavy emphasis on recovery of costs from the debtor.

Marine sector clients require a specialist service that is geared to dealing with the international nature of shipping and can handle claims that need to be pursued both within Tunisia and overseas. You need a marine debt collection service that can act promptly to deal with assets within the jurisdiction (including ship arrest, caveats, restraining injunctions, use of liens etc). You need a marine debt collection service that has access to specialist legal support throughout the world. We are specialist in marine debt collection in Tunisia and abroad. 

We have an in-depth knowledge of dealing with shipping contracts and recognise the issues arising from many of these contracts, especially some of the provisions that may give additional recovery opportunities such as:

  • Arrest of ships.
  • Exercise of lien clauses.
  • Identification of the range of parties who might be liable for the debt (including agents responsible party clauses etc).

Should overseas marine debt recovery be required, we have close relationships with marine law firms throughout the world. In many cases, we are able to secure enhanced service and cost transparency as a result of existing working relationships.

Our areas of contentious expertise include also:

  • Bills of lading and charter parties disputes.
  • Ship arrest and release.
  • General average.
  • Unsafe port and berth disputes.
  • Salvage, towage, wreck removal.
  • Shipbuilding and ship repair.
  • Personal injury (crew and passenger) and industrial disease.
  • Stowaways.
  • Marine insurance and re-insurance policies and disputes (including P&I).
  • Collisions and groundings.
  • Environment and pollution.

We can also help you with:

  • Vessel arrest
  • Cargo claims
  • Marine disputes
  • Ship sale and purchase disputes
  • Marine insurance litigation