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Cruise Ship Claims

Cruise Ship Claims is one of our maritime litigation work.

Cruise ship holidays are luxurious and such luxury often costs more than other holidays – but they can easily be ruined by incidences of illness on board, which spread fast and can leave holidaymakers confined to their cabins. We are well respected in the industry for our advice on high profile casualties and major maritime losses involving injury and loss of life, as well as the handling and resolution of cruise ship claims brought by passengers, crew and stevedores.

The firm focuses on maritime and admiralty personal injury claims against cruise lines. We represent injured passengers and crew on ships. Our representation includes also passengers and injured crew in accidents, assaults, or by reason of illnesses on cruise ships, tankers, motorboats, personal water craft or other type of vessels.

If you fell ill while on a cruise, or had an accident and sustained an injury, we can help you to claim compensation if it wasn’t your fault. Cruise Ship Claims is our speciality.

Making a claim for illness on a cruise / Cruise Ship Claims in Tunisia

Food poisoning and norovirus sickness on cruise liners are two of the most common illnesses claimed for. Bugs spread quickly on ships through such methods as close contact and air conditioning. Unless sufficient action is taken it is likely that, once a few people are struck down, many others on board will fall ill.

After an illness outbreak on a cruise ship, the some of the most common types of illness on a cruise are:

  •     E-Coli
  •     Salmonella
  •     Listeria
  •     Norovirus

These can be caused by poorly prepared or stored food and drink or improperly maintained air conditioning units, poor cleanliness or hygiene issues and easily spread from passenger to passenger.

Making a claim after an accident on a cruise / Cruise Ship Claims in Tunisia

As well as illness, accidents are a risk on cruise ships. While taking personal responsibility for yourself, if you are injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s fault or negligence, or the result of a health and safety breach, you may be eligible to claim.

As well as the physical implications of falling ill on a cruise ship, people can be left seriously out of pocket if their holiday is ruined by sickness. Claiming for compensation can help you recover the financial loss suffered because of illness.

Our Travel Team handle claims for, amongst other things:

  • Slips on deck, on wet flooring or around pool areas
  • Falls over damaged carpet/tiling, mats etc.
  • Injuries caused by faulty equipment

For any kind of Cruise Ship Claims, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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