Unsafe ports

Unsafe ports

The question regarding unsafe ports is whether a port is safe or unsafe for a visiting ship can sometimes prove a matter of legal controversy, with a number of landmark cases arising over the years.

It is topical today, notably because of the practical consequences of the scale economies taking place in the shipping industry with ship sizes increasing rapidly, in some cases faster than the ports are able to accommodate them. This is a “classic” issue where the law is inextricably linked with matters of practical ship handling, authority, experience and judgement.

A charterer orders a ship to proceed to a certain berth in a certain port. The charter party says that the charterer will only send the ship to ports which are safe. The ship runs aground on a rock whilst leaving the port. Who is at fault ? The charterer for selecting the berth and port ? Or did the Master make a mistake in the navigation of the vessel?  An unsafe port dispute will raise complex issues.

It needs specialist and expert legal knowledge; not just ‘wet’ (an understanding of ships and the sea) but ‘dry’ (an understanding of shipping contracts and who is liable for what). Our in-depth knowledge in wet and dry Tunisian shipping law puts us in an unrivalled position to assist you. We will provide you with support and advice from the initial casualty, through any salvage operation, and throughout the unsafe ports dispute. We provide a seamless service.

We have an in-depth knowledge in investigating and running unsafe ports disputes. We deal with the technical and navigational issues that arise, as well as the legal issues. We work with technical experts and draw on our international maritime lawyer’s network to provide a comprehensive service – wherever the accident happens.

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