Dangerous cargoes

Dangerous cargoes are carried on ships worldwide on a daily basis. The carriage of dangerous cargoes, goods remains a legal minefield for cargo interests and their insurers in relation to their potential exposure to liability. We provide specialist legal advice on carriage of dangerous cargoes from or to Tunisia.

Over the past few decades, the complexity of the law and practice in relation to the transportation of dangerous cargoes / goods has been a key area of topical discussion amongst the international trading community. Usually the voyages take place without problems. But when things goes wrong, whether you are the ship owner, the cargo owner or the charterer, you will need prompt legal advice from lawyers who are shipping industry experts.

The practice of transporting dangerous cargoes / goods poses major risks to every party involved. On the one hand, the buyer and seller should want to ensure that the goods meet the regulatory requirements for movement and that the goods will be safely transported in return for payment. On the other hand, the carrier and any relevant parties involved in the chain of transportation contracts, such as a charterer or agent, arguably bear even more risk because of their direct involvement in possession and movement of the goods – often over substantial distances and for lengthy periods of time.

Dangerous cargoes cases are one of the few areas of maritime law where the ship owner has a potential claim against cargo interests, rather than the other way round. We have in-depth knowledge in this difficult area of law. The damage that can be done to the ship and surrounding cargoes can be very costly. It is vital that you get fast, clear and commercial advice and quickly.

Prevention is better than cure. If you need advice about loading or carrying dangerous cargos, we can help. We can advise you on the legal issues that need to be considered when booking, chartering and carrying these cargoes. At the other end of the spectrum, we are also specialist in handling dangerous cargoes casualties.

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